To spread and promote knowledge about the latest research in physiotherapy through courses and further education.

To promote and strengthen research within physiotherapy.

To promote networking and knowledge sharing among clinicians.

To promote ongoing development based on clinical evidence in the physiotherapy profession.

To bring international researchers in physiotherapy to Denmark and facilitate courses and teaching with them.

Board of Directors:

The board’s task is, overall, to take care of the day-to-day running of the Association for Physiotherapy Courses as well as to facilitate and further develop the association.

The operational tasks include:

To take care of the association’s finances, website, and practice regarding holding courses under the association’s auspices.

To communicate with members and teachers.


Further development of the association is extremely important to us. This will be a large part of the association’s work and we are very happy to receive ideas and input that can support the association’s work.

Board members:

Chairman: Peter Wig Rogge

Deputy chairman: Martin Bjerg

Treasurer: Kenneth Mardahl Holte

Board member: Mikkel Beisner

Board member: Anders Kallehauge

Selection of auditor

Martin Bjerg is chosen as auditor with professional help from Lillian Hauermann Lindgreen at Vedbæk Revision.

Contact to the association:

Telephone: 26360357

General inquiries and inquiries regarding payments and finances: mail@fysioterapikurser.dk

Articles of Association:

Here you can find the association’s statutes: Statutes


Become a member of the Association for Physiotherapy Courses here: Become a member.

Anyone who wants to help work and support the association’s purpose can become a member. Membership is mandatory to being able to participate in the association’s activities. Registration takes place here on the website, or automatically in connection with registration for one of the association’s activities.

Membership follows the calendar year, and a subscription is paid for a whole year, regardless of the time of registration in the association. Membership is not automatically renewed, so you must actively register again the following year for continued membership.


News about the Association for Physiotherapy Courses is published here, including new initiatives in the association, future general meetings, and reports from previous general meetings.

We hope to give you the best possible course experience!