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12. maj 2023

Jo Gibson: The Post-Operative Shoulder: Optimising Outcomes 

Pris 1500 kr. Sted: Online Live 

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Optimising outcomes


This course considers how we can use the current literature to enhance postoperative outcomes, identify those patients at risk of poorer outcome and crucially what we can do about it. It will explore the role of early mobilisation and simple effective strategies to facilitate patient’s postoperative recovery together with a consideration of specific shoulder surgery groups.
The day is planned to be fun and interactive and equip participants with skills they can immediately apply in their practice.
There will be time for going through questions and problem solving, including a view on re-surgery and what it means for the following  rehabilitation.


Tidsplan: 8.00-15.00

The Postoperative Shoulder: Optimising Outcomes
Kursets opbygning:
Kurset er delt op i 4 moduler:
1: Shoulder surgery: factors affecting outcome and getting it right from the start.
2: The case of early mobilisation: understanding shoulder surgery and how to keep it safe.
3: Getting fit for function: strenghtening and other challenges. Clinical tips.
4: Problem solving: when things don´t go as planned. Problems and solutions.
Kursus program:
08:00-08:30: Login og registrering
08:00-09:00:Velkommen og information
09:00-10:00:Modul 1
10:00-10:15: Spørgsmål
10:15-10:30: Pause
10:30-11:30: Modul 2
11:30-11:45: Spørgsmål
11:45-12:45: Frokost
12:15-13:15   Modul 3
13:15-13:30: Spørgsmål
13:30-13:45: Pause
13:45-14:45: Modul 4
14:45-15:00: Spørgsmål og afslutning
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Undervisere: Jo Gibson

Dato: 12. maj 2023

Jo Gibson: The Post-Operative Shoulder: Optimising outcomes

Sted: Online kursus

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Pris: 1500 kr.